Outstanding Protective Coatings for Your Vehicle

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle With Line-X Protective Coating

At Line-X of Gresham, our goal is to provide you with professional protective coating services for a variety of products, including vehicles and farm equipment. Line-X protective coating not only protects the material, but it also extends the life span of your products.

Line-X offers ultraviolet ray protection for marine applications and a tough, rugged outer shell for allterrain vehicles. You can rest assured knowing that we are a certified Line-X dealer in Portland, Oregon.

Get an End-to-End Warranty on Our Line-X Products

Line-X of Gresham will stand behind the product, no matter how rough youre on your vehicle. Thats why we offer you an end-to-end warranty on all Line-X products. 

Line-X has also created products that are used and trusted by the United States Defense Department and Department of Home Security. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

The Line-X Difference

Get a free consultation on our spray-on Line-X bedliners. Visit 4250 NE 148th Avenue today.

Were a certified Line-X dealer in Portland, Oregon

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